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A lot of fun

I was just making a couple of subtle updates to the site and, while reading through the discography page, was struck by the number of times I read that something or other had been "a lot of fun" or that I had had "a lot of fun" doing something. I'm surprised, in hindsight, that I came through all of those experiences with my ribs in tact. The first person who can email me with the exact number of times that phrase appears on this site wins a free copy of the CD of their choice (by me, obviously), AND the winner will also receive a bonus guide booklet called "how to better use your free time". Anyway, I am working really hard on these new songs and they sound really strong. I would imagine I'm having a lot of fun writing them but I'm just too busy to notice; I guess I'll just have to wait to read my retrospective on this time in years to come in order to find out. Chris